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A Medical Image Sharing Platform that Makes Sense For Patients

We thought that burning CDs for patients needed to change - so we built a solution.

PocketHealth is a secure, online platform that allows imaging centers to share medical imaging with their patients - instantly and securely. Patients access their imaging minutes after their scan and can share their records with any healthcare professional - on or off the platform. With PocketHealth, imaging centers finally have a simple and secure way to share the information that their patients want most.

Send Securely from Imaging Site to Patient

Every day, PocketHealth is trusted by hundreds of hospitals and imaging clinics across North America to securely transfer imaging records to their patients. PocketHealth deploys on top of any PACS, requires no customized IT integration, and is up and running in minutes. An intuitive, friendly interface guides patients through the process of accessing and sharing their imaging, and a trained support team is always on-hand to answer any patient or provider inquiries. Stop burning CDs and start providing your patients with a modern and secure way of accessing their imaging.

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Instant Access & Permanent Storage

With no app installation required, patients can access their records on any device, anywhere, and easily share their records with their physician. Instant access means that patients avoid return visits to pick up CD copies, and permanent online storage means their results are there when they need them. With an easy-to-use interface and growing educational materials, it’s no surprise that over 98% of PocketHealth patients are more likely to recommend their imaging center after accessing their results online. The bottom line: PocketHealth makes sense for patients and imaging centers alike.

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Health Professionals Access Imaging Directly from their EMR

PocketHealth empowers patients to easily share imaging records with any healthcare professional, even immediately after their scan. Unlike physician portals or regional repositories, imaging can be securely viewed in one click directly from a patient’s EMR file. No need to bookmark, ‘log-in’ or download an application. For referring physicians, this means less time booting up CDs or juggling between different portals, and more time delivering the care that matters most.

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